Students share Christmas break plans


Sophie Dobos

Seniors Nicole Strom, Libby Simpson, and Emily Howell show off their Christmas sweaters to get in the holiday spirit.

Sophie Dobos, Staff Writer

Whether students are traveling or simply staying at home during this Christmas break, everyone is eagerly counting down the last few days until the last bell rings on Friday. While most students will be bracing the cold here in Minnesota, some will be traveling out of state to celebrate their break.

Senior Kiara Herro will be enjoying a trip filled with snorkeling, zip-lining, and luaus in Maui, Hawaii this Christmas break. In past years, her break consisted of quality time with friends and family. This year, she will be honoring the passing of her great-great-aunt while in Maui with her family. “I am excited to get a tan and being in the warmth again, [while] spending time with my family,” Herro said.

Though senior Lily Ziaja will not be heading south for Christmas, she will spend two days in New York City. This trip became an annual tradition three years ago when her mom surprised both her and her brother with tickets to a Broadway musical. While in New York, Ziaja is gifted with money to search for new, unique finds. “[My mom] also surprises us with dinners. [Though] this year was not a surprise, she still got us tickets to three different events. [My brother and I]  do not know what the events are this year,” Ziaja said. 

Rather than traveling, freshman Carter Strom will be enjoying his break at home this year. In the past, his family frequently traveled to exotic locations, such as Mexico and Costa Rica, after their Christmas celebrations. However, this year, his family decided not to leave town. “I am going to hang out with friends, play video games, and go places,” Strom said.

Nevertheless, students will be enjoying their Christmas break, whether they travel or stay at home. “It’s a good time and it’s my favorite holiday,” Strom said.