Every Hallmark Christmas movie is the same

Libby Simpson, Staff Writer

We have all heard of the infamous Hallmark Movies and how they work around the same storyline. Well, I’m here to show you the basis for these movies and how they all go.

Let’s set the scene. It’s a couple days after Thanksgiving, and you have nothing to do so you turn on the TV to the Hallmark Channel, where all the movies are Christmas themed and pretty much have the same plot. The opening scene is probably an overhead of a city at night. The movie then focuses on the big city girl, and we’ll call her Holly (which is another element of Hallmark movies: Christmas themed names). She is vying for the big promotion at her big-city job. However, she is sent to a small town to close down a factory that employs the entire town. Holly also has a big city boyfriend that she doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with right now.

When Holly gets to the small town she probably will walk into the town coffee shop and get a hot chocolate. As she walks out, she spills it onto the future love of her life. He is a handsome, small-town guy whose family has a whole history with the town. After this incident, Holly gets a wink from a seemingly unsuspicious old man with a long white beard and a red jacket. The guy she bumps into, let’s call him Chris, probably owns a Christmas tree farm and is adored by the town. With fake snow and horses as a mode of transportation (because people still do that), this town was made for Christmas.

Holly and Chris, at first, are not the fondest of each other, usually, the farm guy is annoyed by her snobbish attitude, but they eventually get to know one another. Holly meets the family and learns all of their Christmas traditions and falls in love with her new life and a new man. But wait, there’s a twist! Her big-time city boyfriend shows up to steal her back which causes her to lose the small town guy. Holly doesn’t really know what she did wrong to make Chris mad, (Ok, sure Holly), but the old winking guy is there and gives her a holiday spirit riddle to help Holly out. She eventually figures things out and sends the city guy packing, getting Chris back.

The ending scene is the Holly and Chris, reuniting for their first kiss, it’s snowing, it’s Christmas Eve and it is just the perfect and most unique scene one could ever think of! We can’t forget the old winking guy, he was obviously there assuring Holly that this was the right thing to do. Oh also, he is Santa. Almost all Hallmark movies go along the lines of this story, some have varying elements, but they are all pretty much the same when you think about it. Yet, we all still continue to watch them no matter how cheesy and similar the movie was to the last one.