“Dead End Hayride” is Worth the Trip

Although the haunted hayride may seem extreme to some, it is perfect for those who love a good scare

Laura Jennings, Staff Writer

During the Halloween season, haunted festivals and attractions are very popular fall destinations and draw large crowds every weekend. One of the more popular attractions is the “Dead End Hayride,” located in Wyoming, Minnesota.

The attraction takes a twist on the classic fall hayride, by adding a dark, horror theme to the experience. Paranormal themes and creepy experiences are featured throughout the ride. Some of these include a ghostly forest with explosions, a run-down asylum, and a haunted hotel. These houses feature top-notch special effects for a seemingly real experience.

The extreme horror experience could have the possibility of medical situations and safety issues. The age limit is 13 and older, and those with epilepsy or asthma are not recommended to attend, due to strobe lights and smoke machines. The horror effects could be too intense for some guests, and trauma could happen. Besides the special effects, the actors in the houses are allowed to grab you to enhance the experience, unlike similar haunted festivals.

Besides the long commute and waiting in line, the hayride is definitely worth it. After getting through the line, riders board the hayride to start through the different places. The first stop is the haunted house, which includes normal jumpscares and haunting imagery throughout. The next stop was the haunted trailer, with large flames featured throughout. The last part of the ride is the haunted hotel, in which employees jump on the hayride and grab you, which is the scariest part of the ride. Finally, the night ends with a walk through a haunted junkyard. The hayride idea and interactive themes make for a horror experience unlike any other in the metro area.

Going to the “Dead End Hayride” is perfect for those who seek thrills, or even those who just like to be scared once in a while. I highly recommend going for a fun-filled Halloween weekend like no other. The theme is open for one more weekend and closes for the season November 3rd.