Summer renovations will start in June

As a part of BSM’s Capital Campaign, parts of the building will be renovated over the years with specific changes set to happen this summer.

This photo provides a look at the future performance space from a cut out perspective.

Carson Jacobsen, Staff Writer

There are many different rumors circulating the halls of BSM about what renovations will be taking place this summer. Last summer, BSM’s renovations included changing the tiled floor pattern of the main entrance and Haben center entrance, as well as resurfacing the parking lot and redoing about 40% of the roof. This year, BSM’s renovation plans are a lot more ambitious.

I want students to have access to modernized science labs and improve our flexible use spaces for a variety of folks.

— Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut

Currently, the space that will be renovated is an empty courtyard filled with landscaping rock. This courtyard is located between the theatre hallway and main hallway but is inaccessible due to the lack of doors. At this point, the courtyard is useless and is somewhat of an eyesore to anyone viewing it as they walk through the theatre hallway. “It’s a waste of space and it’s kind of depressing to look at through the windows…Over my four years I noticed that empty space and I’m sad that I’m missing the renovation and won’t be able to enjoy it,” senior Cole Knickelbine said.

The plan for the courtyard renovation is to break down into the school’s basement through the courtyard area, which will connect the basement to the main entrance. It will be enclosed by a glass roof system, that will allow natural light into the room and create a casual and open atmosphere. A new performance area will also be built, surrounded by rows of tiered benches. Along with the new performance area, three brand new, state-of-the-art science labs will be constructed in the basement, in a space currently being used as storage rooms. These renovations are planned to start on June 4 and to be finished in February 2019. “I want students to have access to modernized science labs and improve our flexible use spaces for a variety of folks,” BSM President Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut said.

Hopes for these renovations are to provide an area for students to hang out, beyond the library and commons, and provide a casual space inside of the school. The new performance area will also provide a space to gather a large number of students at once, without the hassle of setting up and taking down chairs. Other smaller renovations will also take place over the summer. This includes updating classroom and office carpets, as well as changing the aesthetics of the admissions area inside the main office.