Haben Center under construction for new renovations


Alyssa Brinza

After many years of usage as a basketball gym, the Haben Center is being remodeled. The goals of this reconstruction include improving the flow of people at events and improving the structural support.

Jack Hendrickson, Staff Writer

The Haben Center, the main basketball gym at BSM, holds some of the most electric sporting events that BSM has to offer. Because of its age and function, the main entrance to the Haben Center is being remodeled.

The administration plans on giving a new look to the Haben Center, making sure that people know it is not the main entrance to the school. This will be accomplished by making the Haben look a little less prominent “[The former design] causes confusion for people not familiar with the school about which entrance they should use,” facilities director Mr. Dean Laird said.

The Haben entrance was also getting old and needed to be replaced, so the steel structure in front of the Haben that was painted red is the first step in the construction. “This steel structure was starting to rust and needed to be either repaired at significant cost or replaced,” Laird said.

Another goal of the Haben construction is making more room.  The third goal is to make a little bit more room in the Haben lobby by moving the ticket stand outside of the lobby.  This will improve the flow of fans and players during the basketball season.

The construction will be finished and the entrance will be reopened in time for Senior graduation.