White board plan in main lobby advances second semester


Audrey Jewett

The white board in the main lobby now serves as a way to recognize students who have helped their community through their service work.

Matt Arnason, Staff Writer

The whiteboard installed in the main lobby at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year has become an integral part of BSM. As the whiteboard has moved through the year with the BSM community, it has changed function in order to serve the right purpose. “Initially it was a low tech way for students to express to the community passions they’re passionate about solving. We want to use to board to connect students to like minded people and help them take action,” President of BSM Dr. Kevin Gyolai said.

The BSM administration has since changed the purpose of the whiteboard for second semester. The whiteboard is now only written on by BSM faculty who use it to recognize exceptional students and give examples of students who have been able to make a difference in the community. “We imagined in first semester it would be a way to people to express what they’re passionate about. Second semester is a celebration of people who have taken action about those problems. We want people to know that people are taking action on what they’re passionate about and connecting with like minded people,” Dr. Gyolai said.

Peyton Melin was one of the first students to be recognized on the whiteboard. Melin was featured for his service work in Peru, building houses for underprivileged families, including the mayor of a Peruvian town.

The administration wants the whiteboard to help promote the mission and ideas of BSM. The board will be used to demonstrate specific instances of students striving together to solve problems that matter. “As a school we feel as though we are called through the Gospel to take action now to make the world a better place. We are a school about leveraging faith and beliefs to have a positive impact in the world,” Dr. Gyolai said.