Despite venue changes, girls tennis achieves winning record

Frankie Vochko, Staff Writer

Sections have begun for the BSM girl’s varsity tennis team, and the squad is ranked in the 4th seed for the AA section competition. On Wednesday the girls played their first game against Cooper and defeated them 6-1. The second game was scheduled to be on Thursday October 2 vs. Hopkins at 7:00pm at Aquila Park. Unfortunately it rained all day Thursday and the match had to be moved to 7am on Friday October 3 at the Minnetonka Lifetime Fitness against Hopkins. In a regular match, the score is just based on how many individual matches are won or lost; but in this specific section match the team who wins four individual matches wins first because there was a time limit on how long they could use the indoor courts. The girl’s fought hard but the Hopkins team won four points first in the quarter-final. “This was my first year on varsity and I absolutely loved the team atmosphere and I feel like we truly left it all out there on the court this year, it was a blast!” says sophomore Bergen Flom. The girls had a phenomenal season ranking fourth in the state and their record being 12-5.