Sweet candy shops find a home in the Twin Cities


Shea Harrison

Colorful candies and ornately wrapped chocolates decorate the counter and walls of Sugar Sugar Candy.

Candy Alley
Located off of Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Candy Alley is a dream for all generations with their endless choices of “old time” and homemade candy. Their timeless candy selections range from Mallßo Cups, Necco Wafers, Charleston Chews, Pop Rocks, and Razzles to more than 50 flavors of salt water taffy, fudge, chocolate, licorice, and more. Unexpectedly, dogs are welcomed into the shop and even pampered with their own gourmet dog treats. The prices are not too high, but if one orders a large amount of candy for an event or an occasion, prices can escalate quickly. Candy Alley also has a great selection of candy baskets, boxes, grab bags, and fun candy buffets for weddings, special occasions, or social events. For lovers of “old time” candy or salt water taffy, this is the place to go.

Amy’s Classic Confections offers endless flavors of salt water taffy.

Amy’s Classic Confections
Whether one craves Turkish salt water taffy or delicious truffles, succulent fudge or hot and fresh popcorn, satisfying one’s sweet tooth is always easy at Amy’s Classic Confections. This fun, colorful, and lively store has been thriving since it was founded in 2004 by Amy Hauge and her family when they moved to Minnesota and decided to continue the family business: candy stores. Amy’s Classic Confections is located in downtown Minneapolis’ skyway system and is best known around Valentine’s Day for their chocolate covered strawberries and famous red velvet fudge. Amy’s offers a wide selection of gifts including varied chocolate boxes and assorted gift baskets that would be loved by anyone’s valentine. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day and one is in need of the perfect arrangement of sweets or one simply wants fresh, gourmet popcorn, Amy’s is the place to go.

Sugar Sugar Candy
With jarred candies, delectable décor, and fine gifts, Sugar Sugar Candy is the place to be. This “old fashion” candy counter has been open for nearly four years and provides customers with the finest boutique candy. It offers everything from different kinds of chocolate, licorice, and locally-made gummy worms that can be purchased in hand tied or tissue-wrapped gift boxes to make the perfect gift. With high-end candies and typical candy bars and suckers, Sugar Sugar Candy gives customers reasonable prices for how exclusive some of the candy is. Located on Grand Ave South in Minneapolis, the small shop is surrounded by local restaurants and homes making the candy shop an established aspect of the community. Quaint and adorable with jars filled with candy lining the shelves, Sugar Sugar Candy is the perfect place to buy a quick treat or a whole arrangement for someone special.

Tremblay’s Sweet Shop
Hershey’s, Sour Patch Kids, and Sweet Tarts are typical go-to candies that can be found at any grocery store or gas station, however, for more of an authentic and homemade taste, Tremblay’s Sweet Shop is the place to go. Located on the main strip of Stillwater, Tremblay’s has over 100 salt water taffy flavors and numerous old-time candies such as rock candy, candy Legos, and licorice pipes covering their shelves. In addition to the classic salt water taffy flavors such as cherry, chocolate and banana, Tremblay’s also carries more exotic flavors including strawberry cheesecake, caramel apple, birthday cake, and eggnog. Even a wide range of truffle flavors are served from blackberry to raspberry truffles or more unique flavors like bacon and pumpkin. Tremblay’s not only carries out of the ordinary flavors, but also is the perfect example of an original old-fashion candy shop the great carport kits