Knight Errant

Mia Rheineck
When not in school, Mia can be found doing something that involves politics or news. Mia wakes up early to watch Morning Joe, rushes home to watch The Lead with Jake Tapper, and ends her day watching Primetime with Chris Cuomo. But that’s only her school year schedule; her summer news schedule is a little more packed. When not reading, writing, or watching the news, Mia is probably talking about news and maybe some of her favorite anchors or politicians. Other hobbies include: imaging being a political correspondent for the NYTimes or CNN, listening to the same three Cher songs on loop, taking care of her plants, and waiting for a new episode of State of the Cartoonian. Her life goal is to become a hybrid of all her favorite journalists. Riveting, isn’t she?

Mia Rheineck, Features Editor

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Three BSM seniors awarded the title of National Merit Scholar (Story)
Sep 26, 2017
Students welcome the Walker Sculpture Garden’s new artwork (Story)
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Mia Rheineck