Knight Errant

Buzz Williams
Buzz Williams is an aspiring superhero. For those who do not know, he earned his nickname due to Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. Ever since he was two years old he knew he had to be Buzz Lightyear. His parents once dared to call him “Jackson,” but he needed a disguise… BUZZ!!! Yes, that would be his name from now on. You will often find him next to his fluffy companion, Mushu. It could be a dog or it could be a bear, but nobody quite knows. Buzz, of course, thought it would be much cooler if his sidekick was a bear, so we will just go with that. When he is not daydreaming of saving the world, Buzz frequently ends up either playing lacrosse or sitting in his basement binge watching Netflix. He is still waiting on the people’s call to him and his particular “skills” to, one day, save everyone and the world as we know it.

Buzz Williams, Staff Writer

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Buzz Williams