Red Knights participate in all-school SKOL Chant

Buzz Williams, Staff Writer

After the Vikings won the quarterfinals, BSM students celebrated the win with a little school spirit. On Tuesday, January 16, the Red Knights gathered in the Great Hall during homeroom for a high school-wide “SKOL Chant” to support the Minnesota Vikings. The chant was led by junior John Whitmore with senior Max Byzewski on the drum.

High School Principal Susan Skinner emailed the whole school to let students know about the chant . “We did it to show our support for the Vikings, and we did it for the Kare 11 ‘SKOL Chant Challenge.’ I spoke with Dr. Skinner about the idea of it, and she talked to the other teachers and made it happen,” Whitmore said.

Kare 11’s main “Skol Chant Challenge” will take place at the Mall of America at 6 p.m. and will be aired on Kare 11’s channel live. Although the Red Knights were not at the MOA, Kare 11 still wanted to see Vikings pride anywhere they could find it. If the Red Knights’ “SKOL Chant” is good enough, it will be shown on Kare 11.

The Red Knights did this in honor of the Vikings and their win on Sunday night versus the New Orleans Saints in a thriller finish. The Vikings trailed the Saints by three points with only ten seconds to go in the game. Quarterback, Case Keenum, completed a pass to wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, who scored a 61-yard touchdown to win the game.

The Red Knights and Vikings fans everywhere have high hopes that the Vikings could be the first team in the National Football League’s history of winning a Super Bowl at home.