Game of Thrones sparks new theories for upcoming seasons

Fans speculate on the direction that Game of Thrones will take as the storyline progresses.


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There is an increasing amount of speculation surrounding the characters in Game of Thrones.

Buzz Williams, Staff Writer

There are many different theories about Game of Thrones due to its unpredictability. Unfortunately, almost all of the major plot twists in the show turn out to actually be horrible for fans and the main characters that everyone cheers for. An example of a major plot twist is known as the “Red Wedding”. In Season 3, Episode 9, everything seemed to be going well for the fan favorites, the Starks. The season shockingly ends with almost the entire family being swept from the face of Westeros… in a matter of about 10 minutes. But I am not going to delve into that today.

There is one possible theory that would majorly change up the show. Arya Stark is not actually Arya Stark. In Season 6, Episode 8, Arya had a final showdown with her bitter rival, the Waif. During Arya’s training in Braavos, where she met the Waif, she became blind for a short time. Arya had to learn to fight against the Waif, while blind. Anyway, Arya puts out the one candle that lit up the room they fought in to give herself the advantage. For fans, it was a bit weird because they did not see how the fight ended. They merely see Arya talking to the “Many Faced God” (The man who taught Arya and the Waif different lessons, like how to take on another person’s identity by using their face.)

Different fans have speculated that this in fact, was NOT Arya. It was the Waif wearing Arya’s identity.

During the entirety of Season 7, Arya seemed suspicious. She showed odd characteristics that pointed towards her not being herself; it pointed to the Waif using her identity. That is, until, she completely avenged herself and eliminated her sister’s (Sansa Stark) secret enemy, Lord Petyr Baelish (AKA Littlefinger).

Littlefinger schemed up his own plans to take the “Iron Throne” (the King of Westeros) through corrupting others around him. He played with Sansa’s mind the entire season, and fans freaked out about it. The season ends with a plot twist in which Sansa throws Littlefinger on trial to later find him guilty of murder and treason. Arya swiftly walks up to Littlefinger and slices his throat open in one fluid motion. Ironically, Arya killed Littlefinger with the dagger that Littlefinger attempted to have Brandon Stark killed with (back in Season 1, Episode 2).

Overall, fans do not completely believe that Arya is not herself, but then again, it is Game of Thrones. No true fan of the show would totally rule it out as a possibility.

White Walkers are the main enemies in Game of Thrones. Their leader, The Night King, is the antagonist of everything that lives. There are several theories as to who he was when he was alive among humans, but nobody quite knows. Anyway, there is another theory about White Walkers and the disease that scares anyone with a brain, Greyscale. There is a believed connection between the two.

White Walkers are zombies, due to the fact that they are undead (obviously). But those who have Greyscale cannot feel anything (like White Walkers), are complete savages who do not have any control over what they do (like White Walkers), and there is also the fact that they have similar looks as White Walkers. People who watch Game of Thrones know that fluky coincidences are extremely uncommon. Almost everything done on the show has a meaning.

The people who are infected with Greyscale are known as Stone Men. The Stone Men are sent to the ruins of Valyria. Valyria is the place that created Valyrian steel, which is one of the only things that can kill a White Walker.

Another weapon that can kill a White Walker is Dragonglass. While Samwell Tarly was reading up on the infection of Greyscale, he saw a page that referenced Dragonglass as a possible cure for Greyscale.

Due to the similar characteristics of White Walkers and Stone Men, Game of Thrones fans speculate that Greyscale is the White Walkers influence on the living. This theory has gained popularity because White Walkers can only turn the dead into followers, but the show has never specifically said that.

Although there is debate over where Greyscale came from on the show, nobody knows that for sure either. The only thing completely known about the disease is that it is passed through physical contact.

What if The Night King can control the minds of the undead AND the Stone Men? Is that his “living” army? Fans, unfortunately, will not know this answer until the end of the show… or they might never have these questions answered.