Far Away

Ella Kocourek, Staff Writer

Deciding where to go to college is one of the most important decisions for seniors. Some decide to stay close to home while others want to leave their state. I think that it is most beneficial for students to attend college far from their home.

There are many more benefits to venturing off than one may think. College is the best age to get a complete change of scenery, as you don’t have to worry about some of the unpleasant aspects of moving later in life. A farther away school can also bring about new experiences and opportunities. These can allow you to discover new things about yourself. By being in a completely new place, you get to broaden your perspectives of the world. You will learn from the new people you meet who likely come from different backgrounds. This kind of exposure to new ideas and experiences is crucial to becoming a well-rounded adult.

Independence is another important thing to learn throughout your college years. Moving away for college can allow you to gain more freedom. Living on your own in a new or unfamiliar city creates a lot of independence that is important later in life. When you are at college farther away you gain more independence as you are in a completely new setting so you really have to learn to navigate things for yourself. By becoming more self-sufficient, you will also likely get out of your comfort zone. Through this, you have the ability to grow and transform. When you challenge yourself to try something new you will discover hidden talents, passions, and create new experiences for yourself.

However, I understand why many students choose to stay close to home. Some don’t want to be far for the fear of becoming homesick, while others may pick a closer school out of convenience. It can be out of the way and expensive to travel home for breaks. Also, in-state tuition is often significantly cheaper that out of state.

Attending a college far from home is more beneficial for a student than attending one close to home. You gain and learn a lot more about the world by being off on your own. It prepares you better for the post-college world and leaves you with unforgettable memories.