Close to Home

Monica Beutz, Editor

As college application deadlines are approaching, the senior class is beginning to finalize their future academic plans. BSM’s resources as a college preparatory high school widen the range of possibilities for students. With so many options available throughout the country it is difficult for students to narrow down their college search. Although there are some benefits to going to a college far away, going to college close to home is the better option.

One of the best ways to decide whether or not a college would be a good fit is to visit the campus and get a feel for the student life. Since high school students are very busy with academics, clubs, sports, and other activities, it is difficult to schedule time away for a college visit. Some colleges require a plane ride to get there, but colleges close to the Twin Cities can easily be visited in an afternoon. Not only is this more cost effective, but it is more conducive to the schedules of busy high school students.

Students who stay close to home for college have an advantage during move in and move out week. It is far easier to transport things via car rather than plane. You have more freedom to bring large, irregularly shaped items like TVs, fans—which are a necessity in dorms without AC—mini fridges, and so much more.

For students who still have the travel bug while at a college close to home, almost every college has an option for study abroad. This is a perfect compromise for students who want a global learning experience but who don’t want a huge culture shock throughout all of their college years. For BSM students, the University of Minnesota is very close to home, but also offers study abroad programs to over 50 countries.

There is no lack of academic prestige in the midwest. BSM students can easily find a school that will help them achieve their future education and career goals within driving distance. The University of Minnesota offers 150 majors and many research opportunities for all areas of study. There are also smaller colleges like St. John’s University, College of St. Benedict, and St. Olaf College, to name a few. Minnesota colleges and universities can accommodate any size school or area of study.

Staying close to home is more cost effective and practical for students planning on attending college. Staying within driving distance enables students to be able to come home for long weekends or school breaks, but they are still able to fully buy into the college experience and enjoy the freedom of the first stage of adulthood.