Soccer Prices Rise – But There Are Still Affordable Options


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Cheap vs. expensive professional soccer events in Minnesota.

As we see professional soccer growing in Minnesota, there is also a significant growth in ticket pricing.

I love going to Allianz Field on a nice summer night to watch some soccer with my friends. Minnesota United is a new team in Major League Soccer, or MLS, which means the fan base is growing at a crazy pace. Allianz field sells out almost every game. This means there is an attendance of 19,000 people.

With the growing fan base come the growing ticket prices to attend a game at Allianz. Back in 2016, the Loons played in the North American Soccer League. At the time this was the lower professional league in Minnesota. The home stadium was in Blaine and was nothing special. You would be able to attend one of these games for as little as $9.

Now that Minnesota United has been promoted to the MLS, the ticket pricing looks a little bit different than it did during NASL play. The prices for tickets now range from $25-$300 and the pricing for these tickets are not only for soccer but for the amazing experience. The environment at Allianz is nothing short of electric and the whole stadium is led by the loudest section of the stadium called the Dark Clouds. The Dark Clouds can be found at the end of the stadium behind the goal standing on what is called the Wonder Wall. This is a standing room only and is where you can find the cheapest tickets in the stadium.

I know that the organizations need to make money but I think they need to figure out a way to make at least some of these games affordable to families with lower incomes

— Luca Platt

If you are looking to watch some professional soccer but don’t think you can afford to attend the Minnesota United games, you can also make a trip over to Augsburg University and watch Minneapolis City Soccer Club. City is part of the United Soccer League 2. This is the fourth level of professional soccer in the country right now. City is known for their strong fan base and always having a packed crowd when they play at Augsburg. The tickets cost $10 to enter and there are also options for season pass bundles, but the full season membership is $114.

The final option for professional soccer Minnesota has is the brand new Minnesota Aurora. This is the Women’s USL team of Minnesota. You can find them playing at TCO Stadium along with their fans who are very excited about their inaugural season. This would be a great way to watch some professional soccer in a very fun environment while also being in a cool stadium. There are two options for tickets at the Aurora FC games. You can purchase a Club ticket which costs $40-$45 and the basic options are the general admission tickets which cost $11-$13. Any of these tickets would be an amazing option to watch some professional soccer.

As you can see, there are many different and affordable options for professional soccer games in Minnesota. So if you are trying to watch some high level soccer you can no longer make the excuse of not being able to afford it. In my opinion I think the raising pricing in tickets is making it harder for everyone to enjoy professional soccer. I know that the organizations need to make money but I think they need to figure out a way to make at least some of these games affordable to families with lower incomes.