A Satirical Guide to English Electives at BSM


Aidan Marks

Science Fiction Literature offers a variety of novels to choose from.

Aidan Marks, Editor

Course registration at BSM is usually a pretty straightforward process. In most subjects, options are limited to a few choices, typically spread between an advanced and standard option. In English, however, students are presented with so many options it can be difficult to pick one.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a guide to English electives at BSM. Hopefully, this guide will go above and beyond the Program of Studies by providing further insight into each option, specifically through a supplementary course description for each.

Creative Writing – Ah, the nostalgia. This class reminds me of the short stories I wrote throughout elementary and junior high. To be fair, they probably could have used some proofreading. Fortunately, that’s what this class is all about!

Debate – Do you enjoy yelling at people under the thin guise of argument? Proving others wrong? Crushing the souls of your ideological opponents? If so, this class is for you! In debate, you will learn how to expand your ideas into fully fledged arguments and develop public speaking skills that will be lost the moment you stop constantly practicing them.

Film Studies – Get ready for a masterclass on rhetorical analysis… but in movies! Turn your habit of binge watching great films into a respectable pursuit by learning to identify and extrapolate on minute details that 90% of viewers will never notice (or care about), also known as becoming a film critic.

Great American Novels – Ah, the one aspect of American culture that truly lives up to its reputation as a melting pot: literary canon. Exploring a variety of themes, including the general implications of slavery and American exceptionalism (both U.S. classics), this class truly strives to contextualize American literature in the 20th century.
Mythology – This class is for all the Rick Riordan fans out there. Students will explore how themes from timeless mythologic classics are still applicable to our own lives, especially when it comes to the implications of having immortal parents.

Non-Fiction Writing – Are you a boring person who can only write five paragraph essays, regardless of the prompt? If so, this class may be for you! Marketed as a writing workshop, students will have the opportunity to expand their writing skills, explore a variety of genres, and dive into the writing process.

Science Fiction Literature – Typically, SciFi provides a stern warning about the direction of modern society. Dystopian characteristics usually make our reality look benign in comparison to what it could become. Unfortunately, that seems to be changing by the week. Be prepared for an unpleasant reality check, as this course might eventually be retitled to “Literary Predictions of the 21st Century.”

Shakespeare – Good old Shakespeare. I can’t even think of a snide comment. This class sounds pretty cool.

Social Justice and the Written Word – Courses pertaining to political flash-points are always fascinating. But hurry, sign up before it’s too late! Given the current pace of anti-social justice policy throughout the country, it may not exist in a few years.