The hustle and bustle is back: BSM Homecoming week


Brook Wenande

This year the homecoming theme is dynamic duos.

Homecoming: a week full of school spirit, activities, and excitement. With a variety of planned activities by the student council, homecoming week is sure to kick off the school year on a positive note.


Each day of the school week leading up to homecoming, BSM students dress up to an assortment of assigned themes, decided upon by the student council. These themes vary anywhere from jersey day (Tuesday) to twin day (Wednesday), followed by our traditional red and white BSM gear on Thursday. Sophomore Julia Evan’s is particularly looking forward to Twin day. “I think it’ll be fun to have a cool outfit with someone else,” Evans said.

Boys Volleyball

The famed Boys volleyball game consists of four teams, each representing a different grade level. Coached by the girls volleyball players and located in the Haben center, the boys battle tirelessly to be crowned champions at the end of the night. Look out for Senior Brady Yakesh, who is looking forward to playing with his fellow senior classmates and asserting senior dominance over underclassmen. Not only do the boys show up to play, but classmates pour in the bleachers ready to cheer on their grade. “My favorite part of boys volleyball would have to be how energetic the people watching get,” Yakesh said.


Powerpuff takes place the Wednesday leading up to homecoming. At Powerpuff, girls play flag football, divided into teams based on grade level. The teams are coached by boys on the BSM Football team. The event is organized by the student council, alongside Coach Joe Creer. The big question is who will take home the win. “I actually think that the senior class will pull it off; they are very athletic,” Creer said.


On Thursday afternoon, to get people excited about the football game and dance, the annual pepfest is held. The pepfest consists of a variety of fun activities performed mostly by students. A typical BSM pepfest can include anything from bubble soccer to a special boy-girl performance from the BSM dance team. Senior student council member Bailey Skahan plays a big role in organizing these events. “My favorite part about pepfest is bubble soccer because it’s really funny and everyone gets involved,” Skahan said.

Boy/Girl Dance

The boy-girl dance, which is performed at the homecoming pepfest, is a very popular event composed of the BSM Dance Team and BSM boys. The BSMDT spends three practices leading up to the pepfest teaching senior boys an intricate partner dance. Senior dance team member Hannah Tholen loves being part of the event, but sometimes it takes the boys time to catch on. “The boys cannot do the kicks,” Tholen said.

Football Game

The BSM boys football team takes on the Holy Angels Stars on Friday at BSM at 7:00PM, for an exciting kick off to the weekend. The theme for the game is Spirit wear. In addition, senior girls get to show off their unique overalls. A sea of red fills the bleachers with excitement and support for the Red Knights football team “[The best part of the game is] being in the student section with friends,” junior Peter Giertsen said.