From 7 to 42: Girls’ ultimate has grown in number and spirit

Seniors Ava Keller and Lauren Palmer run after the frisbee.

Caroline Forster, Staff Writer

Cutting through the season of girls’ ultimate, it becomes clear that the team can take on anything together. Over the last four years, the team has grown from seven girls to forty-two.

BSM girls’ ultimate has had a successful season so far. “Right now, we are undefeated, and hopefully we stay that way,” Captain Maya Jones said.

The team uses the energy that they create to carry out through the season and to be undefeated and make the best of the season. “I think ultimately, such a big thing is the spirit of the game. Having good energy with your team will get you a long way,” captain Katherine Foe said.

This team is amazing as humans.

— Coach John Groess

The team has definitely grown throughout the years. “As a group, it’s really cool to reflect on [seniors] Bella Bolin and Maya Jones, both started as ninth graders when we had that seven girls on the team, and they will graduate this year with 42 girls on the team––no other school that had this growth,” Coach John Groess said.

There are a lot of new people who have joined the team.“So having a bunch of new girls that are so willing to try and do new things is really cool. When I first played, there were people who were not willing to try new things,” Foe said.

As the season is progressing, Coach Groess’ hopes and goals stay strong. “Our goal is that the girls who play ultimate frisbee at Benilde fall in love with it for the rest of their lives,” Groess said.

BSM girls’ ultimate is not supposed to be focused on wins but on learning more of the game and the details that fall into it. “I would love it if the people who play here learn the fundamentals and get better and enjoy it for a long time, rather than just focusing on one big win,” Groess says.

Even with a high rank in state, there are many paths to success for BSM ultimate players. “I want all of the girls to be able to think, ‘I contributed, and we did as good as the team could have done.’ If that means we made the state semi-final that would be amazing, and if we lose in the first round that’s ok, I am not mad,” Groess said.

The team is not just growing in wins and skill but in being a team. “Everyone is growing in skill obviously, but I think we are all growing as a team and the relationship is growing,” team manager Grace Cochrane said.

Moreover, this team is not known as just a team, but their personalities and how they are as people. “This team is amazing as humans,” Groess says.

Campus minister Mike Jarimiah, prays with the team, in a normal year he would be praying with many different teams, but this year he is dedicated to the BSM girls ultimate. “We started doing team prayer this year. It’s kind of special since Mr. J is not doing that with any other teams, since COVID, and having him and us in the chapel is super cool,” junior captain Emily Zagaros said.

As many people may know, the team has made it to state, and the team is ready to take it on this year. “We are definitely planning on playing at state,” Captain Maya Jones said.

While the Red Knights are against top-notch teams, Groess reminds the team to play out of love for the game. “Mistakes will always happen, but I hope the girls continue to love practice and the sport, but get better slowly but surely,” Groess said.