BSM Girls Swim and Dive Team Adapts to COVID Restrictions


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Girls cheer each other on at a meet against Cooper.

Katherine Foe, Staff Writer

The BSM Girls Swim and Dive team had a successful season this year, although the experience was definitely limited all around with COVID restrictions. Over the season they competed against many different high schools and ended with a 6-2 overall record. Having these opportunities to compete during the pandemic was just what the swimmers needed to dip into the new coronavirus reality.

Due to the new COVID restrictions, the returning swimmers had struggles getting the new girls to really feel welcome. The bonding was definitely different this year; they started in the summer and met outside at the SLP Rec Center, and did activities where they could get to know each other. Usually the JV and Varsity teams are closer because the sport isn’t very big, but this year they couldn’t do any big team bonding compared to a typical year. “It wasn’t like one big team,” senior Taylor Williams said.

There were no fans this season which was a big change for these girls. For those who haven’t been to a swim meet, it’s really loud, especially while the swimmers are in the water. Having fans at any sporting event creates a more exciting atmosphere. “Our meets have been quiet and it’s not as fun. It doesn’t feel like I’m racing,” sophomore Lauren Benedict said.

This year, there was only one girl on the diving team, Claire Hennen. This has happened in the past, but this year it was different. This was Claire’s last year on the team and for her it was a little sad not having her parents there, but knowing they could watch gave her a sense of security. Hennen said that not having any fans made it a little easier to compete but with that comes other restrictions. She usually is able to talk to the other divers in line and during warmups, but this year the environment was less open. The divers still would cheer and support each other but just from a distance. “It’s harder to talk while warming up and being in line, but everyone is still super supportive,” Hennen said.