Boys’ swim team looks forward to the season


Photo Courtesy of Casey Prindiville

Casey Prindiville smiles after his performance at a swim meet last season.

Michael Paulison, Staff Writer

With the many uncertainties that the future still holds, winter teams have been given some clarity, as the MSHSL has approved of the winter season. The boys’ swim team is remaining optimistic and hopes to maintain a good season. Though practices and the season may look different, swimmers are still excited to get back in the pool.

Having the swim season in the winter and not postponed can have its benefits. “It helps a lot of kids of the team do other sports; they all love swimming, but it allows them to do multiple things and not have to choose between sports,” senior Casey Prindiville said

Practices and team bonding will be different from previous seasons. “You’ll have two kids on each side of a lane, as opposed to all of the kids on one side of the pool. You’ll have two kids on each side of the pool per lane,” Prindiville said.

Athletes’ family members and swim super fans usually look forward to being able to cheer on their peers or family. This year, fans won’t be so lucky. “Family members aren’t going to be allowed which will be tough; a lot of kids will miss that. But the athletic department is giving us an iPad to stream the meets to the families at home,” Prindiville said.

I’m most excited to get back together with the team and just have a lot of fun with my friends.”

— Casey Prindiville

Despite these changes, players are still eager to have a season and bond with their teammates. “I’m most excited to get back together with the team and just have a lot of fun with my friends,” Prindiville said.

Future uncertainties may become challenging for players and their desires to have a season. “Some people are saying the second wave of coronavirus could affect our season, but we don’t really know yet,” Prindiville said.

Every year, players look forward to competing at the end of the season and to see who comes out on top. However, this year might be different. “They don’t know if there will even be a state or section meet, so obviously the end of the season will be different,” Prindiville said.