Is “Hubie Halloween” really worth the watch?


Hubie Halloween, Indie Wire, fair use

Hubie Halloween is a new Halloween movie for 2020 but it might not be worth the full watch.

Grace Cochrane, Editor

Netflix has just released a new film called “Hubie Halloween.” This movie was produced by Happy Madison Productions, Adam Sandler’s production company. Most of the movies created by this production company are not made to be real, authentic cinema, which I knew going into this movie. But, I think this movie was even below these expectations. I don’t recommend watching this movie but if you are actually thinking about watching this film, read no further as there are spoilers ahead; and spoilers might make this not-so-great movie even worse.

Hubie DuBois (Adam Sandler) is a thermos-carrying man-child of a community volunteer. He helps keep his town of Salem, Massachusetts safe on Halloween. Meanwhile, most of the townspeople do not appreciate his efforts as they just want to have fun. Although Hubie sometimes goes too far, I think the town should appreciate him more. No one really takes what Hubie says seriously and likes to make fun and scare him wherever they can. But, on this one Halloween night, Hubie has to deal with a real murder and a real mystery.

When Hubie is busting a Halloween party, the teens want to get rid of him, so they prank him by planting a teen acting like a lost child in the corn maze. Although this starts as just a prank, the teen ends up being kidnapped and watchers can easily gather this may have been a murder. Along with the teen, three other townspeople, who happen to be the main antagonists of the movie, also get kidnapped. As Hubie brings this information to the attention of the police, the officers still don’t fully believe him because he’s Hubie. Why would you believe a man-child telling you there have been murders in your small town?

Along with these crimes, Hubie’s new neighbor seems to be a little suspicious. When Hubie sees that his neighbor’s name is on a local gravestone with no death date, he starts to second guess how legit he is. We later find out that he had escaped from a mental institution and literally thought he was a werewolf. This also explains the eaten and shredded up pig at a local farm that he later confesses to having killed.

Although most of the town uses Hubie as the punchline to their jokes, one person does not; instead, she understands his kindness. Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen) has been Hubie’s crush since the second grade and is one of the only people in the town who actually cares about him. Violet’s kids, Tommy (Noah Schnapp), Danielle (Sadie Sandler), and Cooky (Sunny Sandler), also all care about Hubie. Violet and Hubie end up getting married at the end of the movie, and we find out Violet has been in love with Hubie since the first grade.

Overall, I was not the biggest fan of this movie. Although it had a phenomenal cast, I found myself getting bored throughout the film and switching over to my phone as I watched for a little bit. I will admit, it was funny as I did find myself laughing out loud at certain parts.

It was also very cheesy. I thought it would involve some real murder mystery, but a lot of the movie is just the townspeople making fun of Hubie. The plot also did not make much sense. I felt like it went back and forth and back and forth a lot. Thinking back, I can’t even remember how certain parts of the film connected. 

I would not recommend wasting your time watching this movie. The only reason I wanted to finish watching it was to see some of my favorite celebrities who are part of the cast. Although it is rated PG-13, there are lots of dirty jokes made––it is NOT a family watch. It was funny, I’ll give it that, but that’s about it.