New students join BSM community


Courtesy of Carlie Pankonin

New sophomore Carlie Pankonin grinds out school online at her house. Many new-to-BSM students came because of the opportunity to attend school in person, not just online.

Caroline Forster, Staff Writer

For the first time ever, Benilde-St. Margaret’s decided to go hybrid for this year’s learning model. So while all of the students are returning to a new environment, 157 transfer students are entirely new to BSM, and they come in hopes of an, at least partly, on-campus education.

BSM admissions usually finds that kids transfer because of small classes, private-based education, faith and if family used to go there. This year, however, new students also transferred because of BSM’s learning model. “Benilde was doing full time in learning, and the way Orono handled distance wasn’t great. They did not have Zooms or Google Meets, so I thought it would be easier for me to be in school,” eighth grader Lindsey Wavra said.

Students come to BSM from all over the metro. Students come from many different schools, and BSM wants students for whom the fit is right and they can help adapt. “There are various schools that represent depending on the year, but geographically students some from Edina, SLP, Minneapolis public, and some come from other private Catholic schools,” Associate Director of Admissions Ms. Betsy Van Cleve said.

Oh yeah, it’s super dope.”

— Maddox Aliplate

BSM’s colors are red and white. The school’s colors are also shown on BSM’s campus. Many new students like the campus and how the school’s colors show and emphasize the campus. “I like how Benilde is pretty; I like how it’s all the colors and how it’s not popping out like a kindergarten room but not too bland,” eighth grader McKenzie McMoore said.

New students don’t just like the campus, but they like BSM in general. “Oh yeah, it’s super dope. Benilde has been cool since I have been here. I haven’t really had any bad experiences,” junior Maddox Aliplate said.