Construction continues on new collaboration space

The Cube will open in December and be used to enhance student collaboration and creativity.

Sam Best, Staff Writer

The Cube, BSM’s newest student center designed to improve the way students think, learn, and communicate, is expected to be ready for use by mid-December. The facility is the school’s resource for students directed at challenging and preparing Red Knights for the real world. 

The Cube, also known as C3, stands for Curiosity, Creativity, and Collaboration. The 3 C’s are centered around what the new space has to offer. The space is expected to be a creative outlet for students who are looking to get work done and focus. “We need a space that inspires the creativity and collaboration between students,” said BSM alum Ms. Lisa Shaughnessy, who is one of the main BSM faculty members who has helped with the Cube project.

We need a space that inspires the creativity and collaboration between students.

— Ms. Lisa Shaughnessy

Set to launch in mid-December, the space is not quite like anything BSM has ever had. The Cube will have furniture and a style that no other space at BSM. The hope is that the Cube will be a team-oriented space where students can come together to work and the furniture layout will complement that value. The Cube is supposed to be set up with new, modern finishes that will make it easy for students to collaborate. It will have a glass ceiling and conference rooms. “It is not going to be common space like the atrium or hang out space; it is a cool new workspace with remodeled furnishings,” Shaughnessy said. 

BSM started renovations in June of 2020, and construction is now less than 90 days away from the expected finishing date. With all the other news about school, sports, and activities returning, BSM has chosen not to showcase the project as much as they normally would. Now that the school year is underway and with construction going on among classes during the day, BSM is excited to broadcast their recently developed space. “We are just starting to put news out about it, and we have had to keep it relatively quiet just because there have been so many other news stories surrounding COVID and if we are going back to school or not,” Shaughnessy said.