Students’ spring break plans cancelled by COVID-19


Joey Trella

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many spring break plans were cancelled or drastically changed.

Cooper Gay, Staff Writer

As the school year started to come to a close, many students looked forward to Spring Break. In the past, this break was a time to relax and settle down from everyday life. For seniors, it was traditionally one last vacation with friends before senior year ends. This year, however, things were different.

For those that had plans to travel somewhere, the outbreak of COVID-19 canceled most trips. Many canceled their trips because people feared they would get stuck in a state and not be able to go home. Others were afraid of catching the virus in populated areas such as an airport, beach, or restaurant. 

Senior Taylor Fredin was planning to go to Playa Mujeres, Mexico with some of her friends. Like most people, Fredin was disappointed when the trip got canceled, but once the virus started getting more serious, she understood it was the safest thing to do. They had been planning this trip for eight months and had been thinking about senior spring break since the first day of high school. “I’m hoping that after everything blows over we will be able to reschedule our trip,” Fredin said.

Junior Demi Mills was hoping to go to Arizona with her family like every year.  Her family had the trip scheduled since September; this was going to be their last time going to Arizona for spring break as a family. Her parents decided to cancel the trip a week before they were leaving. “We tried to do some fun stuff at home since my brother from college came home as well,” Mills said.

I’m hoping that after everything blows over we will be able to reschedule our trip.”

— Taylor Fredin

Junior Alexis Brixius went through with her spring break trip to Naples, Florida. She could tell it was going to be a unique spring break when she got to the airport, and there was hardly anyone there. “There were no lines for security or anything else, “ Brixius said.

Once Brixius stepped on the plane, all she could smell was the Clorox, and all she saw were people wearing face masks. Once she landed and got out of the airport, things started to feel normal for the next couple of days. After her second day in Florida, everything started closing down. She had to stay in the condo for the remainder of the trip; going to the pool and getting takeout replaced going out to dinner and the beach. “It also felt super empty everywhere we went, and we were usually the only people wherever we went,” Brixius said.