Blueface gets presidential with his new single “Obama”


Blueface, Instagram

Blueface on set for the filming of the music video alongside an Obama look-alike

Aaron Latterell, Staff Writer

On February 7, popular rapper and lyrical genius, Blueface, released his latest track “Obama” in preparation for his upcoming studio album.

 The song, which has a run time of two minutes and eight seconds, also features fellow American rapper “DaBaby,” who recently had his track “Suge” featured on former president Barack Obama’s list of favorite songs of 2019.

This Blueface track utilizes a unique, saxophone-incorporating beat to drive its sound. Though the beat seems to have taken some inspiration from Fiddler On the Roof, it actually meshes quite well with Blueface’s rapping style and serves as a fun groove to remember the track by.

Contrary to his discography thus far, Blueface’s most significant stylistic choice on this song was his decision to actually rap on beat. Before Blueface’s irregular, offbeat rapping was a source of much criticism, but his delivery in “Obama” can be described as both refined and luscious. 

Forget playing Mozart for your baby in the womb, expecting mothers should all be bopping this Blueface beat for their unborn children instead.

— Aaron Latterell

Blueface’s overall performance on this track is stellar, but what really shines are his verses. Blueface’s mastery of the one-liner is apparent with his thought-provoking lyrics and brilliant flow. His opening bar, repeated throughout the song in the chorus, reads: “Pull up like Trump, and they duckin’ like Donald.” In this line, Blueface masterfully crafts a wordplay using the verb “ducking” and President Trump’s first name as a reference to the popular Looney Tunes character Donald Duck. I mean, are you kidding me? That’s the kind of verse that you could find framed in your Grandma’s kitchen.

Despite the name of the track—a reference to former US president Barack Obama—the song only references Obama in one line of the chorus. In classic Blueface fashion, it appears that he intends for the song to be more of a simple presidential flex rather than a vessel for meaningful commentary—and you have to love him for it. 

Let’s face it, this track goes hard. DaBaby also gives a solid performance, but Blueface, the lyrical mastermind that he is, still outperforms DaBaby with better lyrics and a stronger flow. Forget playing Mozart for your baby in the womb, expecting mothers should all be bopping this Blueface beat for their unborn children instead. 

“Obama” is slated to be the third track in Blueface’s new album: “Find the Beat”, which was delayed from its original December 2019 release date. The full Album will come out on March 13, which Blueface announced via Instagram.

I reached out via Twitter to Mr. Barack Obama for his take on the new Blueface track, but he was unavailable for comment.