Finals should be no more than 5% of a student’s grade

Alex Bronkala, Staff Writer

Why? Because most finals are more than 10% of a class grade, causing them to have a bigger impact for better or worse. It’s a nightmare, especially if a student struggles taking tests in general.

Most students spend countless days preparing for finals, but just one single day can affect all of those days, giving no significance to all of that hard work. On top of that, studying for finals can really affect a student’s mental health.

Finals week makes students less intelligent; they study countless things throughout one semester, then before they know it they’re panicking because finals are coming up. Students try to remember everything they have learned throughout the year but eventually, the mind overflows until it malfunctions, causing more stress and less creative thinking. Therefore, students come out of finals week braindead, lost, and less intelligent. It’s just really not helpful for students because that’s not how the real world works. Some say it’s a great chance to learn and improve grades, which is true, but all the work put in for months shouldn’t be greatly affected by one day. Therefore, making finals no more than 5% removes a huge weight of stress on the student.

…making finals no more than 5% of a student’s grade could show the unknown of a student’s ability.

— Alex Bronkala

Finals cover everything learned from that semester, but who really remembers everything they have learned? Making finals no more than 5% can be a compromise for both sides; it is still a bigger percentage towards a student’s grade and may boost it, but also it won’t have a big impact on the students that don’t do as well.

Pushing for finals to be around 10%-15% just isn’t a logical compromise, at least for the majority of students. Students would be stressing twice as much about the exams at the end of the course, which totally takes away a student’s ability to be creative. Many students are already dealing with extracurricular activities and things going on in their personal lives. As of right now, finals week means there is no time to do something they are passionate about, or a hobby they are interested in. Students will be traveling solo after they graduate, being totally responsible for themselves. It’s critical that they discover just how capable they are of reaching anything they desire. Truly, making finals no more than 5% of a student’s grade could show the unknown of a student’s ability.