IBA Standings

Blake Mahmood, Staff Writer

In the NBA Gold league is where the best of the best play. The only undefeated team left is full of men. The OG’s, 3-0, is lead by gym teacher Casey Hansen and the rest of the team consists of other teachers. Team YBA, 2-1,  lead by captain Jack Vanoverbeke is a fast playing group of ballers whose only loss is to the teachers. In third place we have team Wet like water, 2-1, whose only loss is to YBA. They have yet to play the teachers who should be their toughest match. 

The NBA Silver league is where the up and coming, young guns play as well as the teams who didn’t get the gold league bid. The only undefeated team is lead by the IBA vet CJ Lerch. Their team name is stir fry and they dominate their division. In second place, we have The Ringer’s, 2-1, captained by Myles Wahliquist. And finally in 3rd place, we have Big Fellas, 2-1, lead by sharpshooter, William Valley.

The CBA league, also known as the less competitive league, has 10 teams. There are two undefeated teams left, Team Curtsten lead by Charlie Pihart, and Team Kids Who Got Cut captained by Patrick Mullin. The Patriot’s, 2-1, led by Sam Pikul, has a chance of taking the first place in the weeks to come. 

“We gotta win it all. Watch out for team Stir Fry this year.”

— Christian Lerch