IBA Explained

Keegan Gustafson, Staff Writer

BSM’s intramural basketball league, the IBA, is back in action this year. This program has been at BSM for many years and players are excited to start up the season again. Games are held in the Haben after school, with the finals starting in late February. 

IBA provides an opportunity for students to have fun with friends while still playing competitive basketball. The IBA program allows players to have time to do other extracurriculars while playing basketball one to two times a week. 

The league is a three-on-three league, with anywhere from 3-7 people on each team and 16-20 teams participating in the league. The small number of players allows for more playing time and more exposure to the sport. 

The league was started to give students and teachers who love basketball an opportunity to get out on the court, even if they don’t have a lot of experience with the sport. Another key reason why students enjoy the IBA league is because it is a much calmer environment than the highschool league. “I like that there are only three people on the court at a time, and it is a lot more relaxed than high school basketball,” senior Christian Lerch said.   

A big asset to the program is that games involve teachers and students. The student teams are paired in games to play against teacher teams along with other student teams. Seeing teachers in a different environment can make it an even better time. “I really like that the students play the teachers because it makes it more fun than just plain basketball,” Lerch said. 

There are two different leagues as part of the program, the NBA league and the CBA league. The NBA league is for those who may be a little more developed in the sport and want to be paired with more competitive teams. The CBA league is the league for those who want to play for fun. “Because we have two different leagues with different skill level, it allows more people to play,” Assistant Athletic Director Mark Snell said. 

Every year, there are quite of few people who participate in the IBA. Although teams have many goals for the season, the main goal for teams all around is to win the league. “We gotta win it all. Watch out for team Stir Fry this year,” Lerch said.