Business students take field trip to the Target Center


Courtesy of Kylie Krumenaur

Students meet with business leaders to learn more about their stories.

Nathan Schweitzer, Staff Writer

On November 12th, any student enrolled in a business class at BSM was offered the opportunity to go on a field trip to Target Center. On the trip, they met with the business professionals and leaders for the Lynx and Timberwolves. It was not a required field trip, so it singled out the students who really wanted to go and learn more.

This was the third time BSM business teacher John Sabol has offered this field trip and he plans to keep doing it in the years ahead. It allowed the students to listen to a panel of professionals and learn the different paths it took to get their position. “It was an opportunity for students to get in front of successful business leaders to get a sense of what it takes to get to that spot,” Sabol said. 

Two BSM seniors, Louis Borgelt and Elizabeth Valley, attended the field trip to further their knowledge of business. They also wanted to get a sense of whether this type of work is what they want to do in the future. “I decided to go on the field trip because I am interested in working in a business field after college, so I wanted to learn more about the possible jobs,” Valley said.

It was a busy day for those who went on the field trip, as there wasn’t very much downtime. They always had something to do and there were a lot of learning opportunities throughout the day that high school students often don’t get the chance to participate in. “On the field trip, we got a tour of the Target Center, had some sessions with people who worked there and asked them questions, and had a few panels with people who worked in the technology, management, and marketing departments,” Valley said. 

There were many learning opportunities in the day, but it was also for them to get to see an outstanding facility for the professional teams. Target Center was built in 1990, but was recently renovated in 2017 and turned into a world-class facility that the students got first-hand access to. “I think the coolest part of this field trip was going into the Timberwolves locker room and getting to see what it looks like,” Borgelt said. 

I think the coolest part of this field trip was going into the Timberwolves locker room and getting to see what it looks like.”

— Louis Borgelt

The students listened to many people throughout the day, but the thing they will most likely take away from the experience was networking and connections. “I think the most important thing I took out of this field trip was that your connections to others matter, so in the future, your connections can help you get a job or better position,” Borgelt said.