Students discuss their favorite sporting events to go to in Minnesota


Courtesy of Brady Giertsen

Brady Giertsen believes Vikings games are the best sporting event to go to in Minnesota.

Brady Giertsen and Charlie Bischel


The best sporting event to go to in Minnesota is a Vikings game. These games bring the most fans, the most energy, and the most enthusiasm. Vikings fans are always loyal to their team; no matter if they are winning or losing, fans show up. I have been to many Vikings games when they are completely out of the playoffs, and yet the stadium is still sold out with an amped environment. Every play matters in a football game; at a baseball, on the other hand, it seems like every pitch takes so long and doesn’t matter. In all other sports, there isn’t as much physicality or scoring. This makes football games the most entertaining.

The Vikings also have a beautiful brand new stadium where every seat has a good view of the field. At a Twins game, if you are in the upper deck, you can barely see the players, let alone the ball. Furthermore, US Bank Stadium is one of the loudest places I have ever been to; I have seen people wearing earplugs to block out the noise. Most of the time, at Twins games, you can hear a pin drop.

The best sporting event to go to in Minnesota is a Vikings game.”

— Brady Giertsen

Vikings games also offer a wide selection of different foods and snacks. Vikings games will leave with a lasting impact and an amazing time. If you are debating to go to a Twins or Vikings game, 100 percent of the time, pick the Vikings game. I can promise you it will be a much more enjoyable, exciting experience.


Out of the six professional sporting teams in Minnesota, the Twins games are the most amusing and enjoyable to watch. There are numerous factors that contribute to the games’ electric atmosphere such as a state of the art stadium (Target Field), large fan attendance, and a good program this year.

At the end of this year’s regular season, the Twins surpassed the Yankees home run record in the regular season by hitting 307 home runs.

Furthermore, the general manager of the Twins is smart in the aspect that they have specials on tickets and food depending on what day you go. For example, on Wednesdays, students are able to purchase a ticket for the price of five dollars; along with this, they provide one dollar hot dogs. In comparison to the other Minnesota teams sporting events, the Twins games are the most affordable.

Along with the affordable ticket and food prices, the Twins also have one of the nicest stadiums the MLB has to offer. According to, Target Field is ranked number six out all 30 stadiums in major league baseball. This stadium consists of an array of special features such as the Budweiser roof deck, limestone back top, and the famous logo of Mr. and Mrs. St. Paul shaking hands across the Mississippi River. Unlike U.S. Bank Stadium or Xcel Energy Center, Target Field has a variety of great restaurants including Barrio, Bat & Barrel, etc.

…when you are debating to attend a Twins or Vikings game, consider the price and number of cool features that the Twins have to offer.”

— Charlie Bischel

In comparison to other MLB teams, the Twins are on the lower half of the spectrum for fan attendance. However, the Twins have made an effort to attract more fans by creating an abundance of cool features that will surely draw in more fans in the near future. So when you are debating to attend a Twins or Vikings game, consider the price and number of cool features that the Twins have to offer.