Freshmen travel to Pax Christi for first retreat of high school


Veronica Nowakowski

Students watch as Ms. Becca Meagher speaks about contributing to BSM and the class of 2023

Nick Renk, Staff Writer

This September, the freshmen headed to Pax Christi Church in Eden Prairie for the first retreat of their high school journey.

To kick off the freshmen retreat, fun, low-risk games were played by the Link Crew leaders and freshmen. As the day continued, kids were put into small groups for various discussions relating to contribution to the school and the class of 2023. “Between small group sessions, the freshmen played various games such as marshmallow building, the name game, and clumps. There were all effective in breaking the ice throughout the day and building a fun atmosphere for the kids,” Link Crew leader Nicole Strom said.

Student Callie Ebbert did not have good expectations leading up to the retreat. These expectations were formed by the 8th grade retreat which was not as organized as the freshmen retreat. “I expected it to be kind of boring and thought we were not going to do fun activities,” Ebbert said.

On the other hand, Diego Adair, who did not go to the junior high, had a positive outlook on the day, hoping to learn some useful tips to help him in high school. “I expected them to give us helpful tips, do activities to help us get to know each other better and tell us stories from their previous experiences,” Adair said.

There is typically a lot of excitement on the morning of the retreat. The freshmen are excited to simply be out of school and get on the bus with their friends. “The energy at these retreats is super fun\; there is a lot of energy and apprehension. The retreat is at Pax Christi, so the students do not know what to expect,” theology teacher Becca said.

The purpose every retreat at BSM is to build wholeness and holiness in the community.”

— Becca Meagher

Looking back at the retreat, Ebbert thought the concept of the retreat was good, in trying to help the bonds between students grow and the class as a whole. “I wish that it was not split between three groups because I felt like I only got to know more about one-third of my grade,” Ebbert said.

Benilde-St.Margaret’s students typically go on one retreat every year. “The purpose every retreat at BSM is to build wholeness and holiness in the community,” Meagher said.