2D Animation Club provides new art experience


Jack Shields

Students in the 2D Animation Club meet on Mondays after school to design things like this monkey using Animate CC, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Sophie Ludwig , Staff Writer

The 2D Animation Club is a brand new club that Mr. Jonathan Harlin, an art teacher at BSM, created. The club started at the beginning of the semester and takes place after school. The club so far has six students signed up, and they are hoping for more to join.

Harlin has prior experience in animation and has taught the subject in previous years, which is what motivated him to start the club. “I taught 2D and 3D animation in Texas to students and thought I would try the club here as well,” said Harlin.

BSM has many different opportunities for art, but there has never been an animation club before this semester. “The club allows students who have an interest in this area of work gain some experience creating their own animations. It also will help students gain skills in Animate CC, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. These programs are used in conjunction to make animations and are the go-to programs by industry professionals,” Harlin said.

The club also offers many opportunities for students to improve their animation techniques and learn the basics behind it. “Students will learn the basic tools of Animate CC, and start off creating a bouncing ball, and a walk cycle. These two activities will help then learn the traditional animation techniques that will be needed to create their own 4-6 min short animation by the end of the club,” Harlin said.