Ms. Kern uses Instagram to connect with students


Emma Paquette

Ms. Kern has three Instagrams––including one for her homeroom.

Claudia Scherer, Staff Writer

History teacher, Ms. Megan Kern has three Instagrams: one for herself, one for her American Studies class, and one for what she calls her AP homeroom or AP-HR, which is new this year. Her posts consist of funny pictures, a recap from each class period, and her prestigious homeroom personnel in action.

Kern’s Instagrams are all relatively new. Her personal account is the oldest; it has been active for about four years. Her American Studies account is only two years old, and AP-HR is brand new this year. Although each is private, Kern accepts each BSM student request with enthusiasm. “I get really excited when someone asks to follow me,” Kern said.

One of her followers is former student Grace Lira, a current sophomore. Lira followed Kern after being tagged in a post. “You have to swipe to see it,” Lira said.

One of the main problems with following teachers is the feeling that students may be invading the teacher’s personal life. However, Kern disagrees. In fact, she argues that having students follow her personal account helps her self censor. “Some of the things on there are just goofy and stupid and the other stuff is benign, so there’s nothing on there that can be perceived as ‘Well, that’s kind of risque,’” Kern said.

Most of her followers are upperclassmen, whom she feels can better handle the responsibilities of following a teacher on social media. Teacher-student relationships can also strengthen through social media. “I think it’s a fun way to put those kids in a different realm than a regular classroom, and I like to do lots of funny stuff, so I think it’s fun,” Kern said.

From a student’s perspective, following a teacher on Instagram can create a fun relationship. “We’re best friends forever,” Lira said.

Kern’s sense of humor seems to appeal to a majority of students in the classroom. Once she puts her spunky personality on social media, there’s no telling where she could go.