BSM sports get new additions to the teams


Muriel Ruppert

Bill Cheney sitting at his famous desk in the help desk.

Aidan Luebke, Staff Writer

Every year, multiple BSM sports teams get new coaches to replace vacancies. Some sports have no coaching changes, while others have multiple. This means that along with meeting new teachers, some students have to meet their new coaches as well.

The process of finding a new coach is taken very seriously. “Sometimes we will hold three rounds of interviews depending on what we are looking for and how detailed the position is,” BSM Athletic Director Mr. Jerry Pettinger said.

Basketball has a bunch of new coaches this season. First-year theology teacher at BSM, Mr. Sam Vetch is coaching the seventh-grade white basketball team, and assistant athletic director Mr. Mark Snell is making a return to the eighth-grade red team. For girls’ basketball, former Red Knight and member of the 1,000 Point Club Khadijah Shumpert is a coach for the JV and varsity teams.

This fall, the volleyball team made a new addition to the coaching staff in Ms. Kaitlyn Gathje who helped coach the B-squad team. “I had an absolute blast working with the BSM girls’ volleyball team. It was a big time commitment, but the enthusiasm and joy each girl came to practice with each day made the time fly, the memories full and the experience wonderful. I learned a lot, laughed a lot and can’t wait for next season to begin,” Gathje said.

I learned a lot, laughed a lot and can’t wait for next season to begin”

— Kaitlyn Gathje

The wrestling team also brought in a new assistant coach as well this year. Mr. Logan Kass, former BSM wrestler and member of the 100 Win Club, returned to BSM this winter. In the spring, Mr. Colin McGuire will take over as the head coach of the tennis team.

While almost every student on campus has had an interaction with Mr. Bill Cheney, the help desk manager, he can be found now as an assistant coach for the JV and varsity basketball teams. Also coaching the ninth grade red basketball team, Cheney is usually at two practices per day and three games per week. Cheney loves the time he gets to spend helping and developing the players. “It’s fun to see progression on players like Jack Kinsey and Noah Allen,” Cheney said.