BSMDT’s dynasty continues

Henry Witterschein, Online Editor-in-Chief

On the weekend of February 15th and 16th, the Knightettes competed at the Target Center hunting down their 3rd straight AA Jazz title. With the Jazz competition on Friday and the Kick competition on Saturday, the BSMDT had a compact weekend.

Unfortunately, on Friday they came up just three points short of reaching their dreams. The Knightettes finished in 2nd place in Jazz, still an impressive feat, with a point total of 694/800 where Totino-Grace took home 1st with a score of 697/800.  “This year was different. Hearing our names being announced for second place instead of first did bring tears to my eyes, but deep down I didn’t feel sad. I had the best season ever in my dance team career out of all these six years because we gave it our all and we know who the real champions are,” senior captain Lauren “Mama Egg/Laurie” Chevalier said.

After the heartbreaking results on Friday night, the Knightettes had to sleep on it, get up, and repeat the day all over again but for Kick. “I did think about how tired I was, but in no way did it affect my attitude going into Saturday. At the end of the day, I went to bed feeling like a champion. I did wake up a little exhausted, but definitely just as motivated,” Chevalier said.

The Knightettes ended the season on a high note, taking 4th place in Kick which tied a school record for their best finish in State ever. “It was a really big, we got 4s [rank scores] across the board so there was no hesitation from the judges to put us in 5th or 6th, which was a good bounce back from the last two years,” senior Annabelle Hilson said.

At the end of the weekend, the Knigtettes were proud of their accomplishments, and the 8 senior dancers left quite a legacy behind them bringing home a combination of 18 blue medals, and 13 red medals in their career.