Online school is disadvantageous

Alexis Basil, Staff Writer

To me, online school is a waste of time. Although it’s great to be able to sleep in and not have to drive to school, students are still assigned as much work as they would have gotten on a normal school day. On top of that, a lot of students don’t even complete the work they are given, due to not knowing how to complete it or simply not being motivated to do it. This ends in the student getting behind in class, and not being able to catch up in good time. Teachers should be more inclined to give less work in order to help their students succeed, rather than choosing that day to challenge them and see if they are responsible enough to get their work done. The point of cancelling school for a snow day is to give students a day to relax and get themselves together for the next day. Because we are given online school, I feel like I am even more stressed out than I would have been if I just came to school. In the end, students should either be given a full snow day or be required to come into school at 8:00 AM, and teachers should abstain from giving students online assignments.