CBA Week 3 lives up to the hype


Brendan Amaris

Played in the Haben, IBA scores big with faculty and students.

Brendan Amaris, Varsity Writer

Week 3 of CBA was a very exciting one with four great games being played out. A much-anticipated matchup between the Raging Rygregs and Boujee Gang lived up to the hype; it turned out to be a defensive clash that saw the Raging Rygregs remain undefeated with a 13-10 win. The Big Fellas won another high scoring battle by beating Sophomore Girls 28-20. The Kittens edged out Jazz Cabbage 21-20. The final game of the day was a blowout win for C Squad over the Magenta Half Bars with the final score being 17-1. Shmony Team, as well as the VBS Team, had byes.