Seniors open up about college visits


Emma Paquette

Many BSM seniors choose to stay in the Midwest for college, but others choose to venture out.

Caroline Pauly, Staff Writer

MEA not only means a long weekend for Minnesotans but a time for high school students to tour colleges and universities. A majority of these students are juniors or seniors, however, there are exceptions in the few underclassmen who are either ahead of the game or tagging along with the older sibling.

Students have traveled all over the country to tour these colleges and get a feel for the right fit for the next four or more years. Students’ interest ranges from small private colleges to big public state universities and Ivy Leagues. As the application deadlines approach, these college visits can help students decide whether or not they are going to continue with the application process.

Several students are driven to colleges in bordering states including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Iowa State, and the University of Iowa. “I actually really like the distance [from Minnesota to Wisconsin], it’s only, like, three hours, so it’s a good distance from home so I don’t feel too close to home, but I am also pretty far away,” senior Grace Juckniess said.

These schools are popular amongst the senior class because of the reciprocity with Wisconsin and the convenience of being able to drive home. “I want to go somewhere in the Midwest because I am a Midwest gal and consider myself a ‘homebody,’ but I don’t really see myself staying in state, so the Midwest seems like the next best thing; several colleges in the midwest remind me of Minnesota/home,” senior Jane Hoyt said.

Schools outside of the Midwest that have been toured by BSM students include the University of Southern California, Boston College, Texas Christian University, University of California – Los Angeles, and many more. “I went because [Texas Christian University] is the most different college on my list; it is the only down-South school rather than the Midwest, and I’ve never been to Texas, so didn’t know what to expect,” Hoyt said.

One of the most exciting parts about visiting colleges on campus is getting the opportunity to stay with BSM alumni. Students are able to get an even better view of the college student perspective. “I got to stay with an alum from BSM, which was a great opportunity to get a feel for the school,” Hoyt said.

When it comes to the college decision process, it is incredibly important to block out what other people say and focus on what one likes in a school. “Visiting a specific college or university is crucial in one’s decision because it is all about what feels right. Don’t think about anyone else’s opinions or decisions,” senior Maggie Emmer said.