Should Ruby go to college?


Carolyn Mason

Ruby excitedly panics about her future.

Ruby Strommen, Staff Writer

Seeing that we all go to a college prep school, the talk of college is not tiptoed around. It is big, life altering, scary, and exciting. Going through Freshmen Fridays and Sophomore Sessions is helpful, do not get me wrong, but no one wants to think about college. If you are anything like me, you wait until the last minute before truly thinking about it. I mean I just applied to the colleges my counselor put in Naviance (don’t do that).

So as any underprepared senior would do, I went around to random people and asked them their views on my future. My personal favorite was the 32 votes for me to start a jazz band, but seeing that I know nothing about jazz (except for Duke Silver), I had to move on. With all the votes in, we had 63 votes for yes go to college, and 28 votes for no. Surprisingly, within the “no” votes I had four teachers and one anonymous attendance lady. With all of this information and some words of encouragement, I felt more confused than ever. Probably because the some of the words of encouragement were “Ruby, you have to go.”

Have I ever been excited for college? No. Do my parents seem really excited about me going to college? Yes. So with that I am being forced to go to college. Stay tuned May 1 to see what lucky school gets to deal with me for four years.

My personal favorite was the 32 votes for me to start a jazz band.

— Ruby Strommen