Student bring lunch from home for a variety of reasons


Cece Golinvaux

Gabriella Schmidt enjoys the lunch that she brought from home.

Quinn Elsenbast, Staff Writer

Lunch is the favorite part of most students’ school day. Some choose to buy a lunch from from Taher, while others bring one from home.

Of 72 students surveyed, 59.7% reported buying their lunch from Taher. Most claimed they chose this option due to convenience. “I’m too lazy to pack my own lunch,” said junior Brigid Kelly, whose favorite lunch consists of Sun Chips and chicken balls.

However, the most common reason students choose to make their own lunch is that they see it as more nutritious. “I bring my own lunch because it’s healthier than Taher’s options,” junior Kylie Krumenauer said.

Other students choose to bring lunch from home because of their dietary restrictions. “I’m gluten and rice free, so there are very limited options for me at Taher. It’s a lot easier to just bring my own lunch,” junior Jada Kosek said.

Yet, some are also persuaded by Taher’s prices. If a student buys lunch everyday for a year, they will spend an average of $1,080. “The average students spends $6 a day on lunch,” Raul Templonuevo, Taher’s lead chef, said.

To avoid paying for lunch, many students decide to pack their own lunch. “My parents did not want to pay for Taher lunch, so I started bringing my own from home,” junior Jimena McMerty-Brummer, who has been bringing her own lunch since seventh grade, said.

However, students who chose to bring their own lunch may miss out on some new foods this year. “[We’ll be experimenting with] some Asian flavors, so, pad thai, sushi and bento boxes,” Raúl said.