Student Council host philanthropic efforts for My Very Own Bed


Ginny Lyons

Students donated blankets, pillows, and bedsheets to help in My Very Own Bed’s effort to provide bedding for kids in poverty.

Megan Olk, Staff Writer

Every year, the BSM student council does some sort of philanthropy project. This year, they hosted a drive to collect sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, and other bed set materials for an organization called My Very Own Bed.

The organization My Very Own Bed was founded by Michael Allen, a BSM alum. This organization works to provide beds, blankets, and linens to kids that have never had one before and may be sleeping on the ground every night. Allen started this foundation in 2014 and the organization has delivered over 300 beds to kids around the Twin Cities since then. “I have worked in social services for many years, helping the Twin Cities homeless population, receive food, education, and housing, and I’ve seen children sleeping on the floor on top of their dirty clothes,” Allen said, who explained that he saw a need in the community and decided he was going to help make a change.

Allen has faced the struggles of starting up a non-profit organization and knows how discouraging it can be at times. “Fundraising is what keeps me up at night. It can be stressful, and funding doesn’t just fall in your lap,” Allen said.

Despite the difficulties that starting a non-profit may encounter, Allen has learned to keep moving forward and knows it will be rewarding in the end. “My favorite part is delivering the beds. Knowing the impact that we’re making on these kids is also what drives me. Productive sleep makes productive kids in our communities,” Allen said.

This years project was put on the shoulders of the class treasurers and they were in charge of picking which organization they will plan on working with. “Mrs. Olson, one of our advisors, found Mr. Allen’s organization and we really liked the idea,” senior class treasurer Ben Larson said.

Some of the preparation for this project involved talking to campus ministry to get their approval. “I had to go talk to Ms. Lenhart-Murphy because it isn’t a common basket, so we had to make sure the project wouldn’t interfere with one of those,” Larson said.

Student council is also doing a lot of coordinating with Michael Allen, and Allen even came in to speak to student council during homeroom one day. “It’s all about spreading the word so people know about My Very Own Bed and will participate in the drive and donate,” Larson said.