BSM’s Pep Band provides catchy tunes for audiences and an opportunity for experience and development for its members


Photo Courtesy of Paul Keefe

BSM’s pep band can be found performing at many school events, providing an atmosphere of excitement for players and fans alike.

Erin Lerch, Staff Writer

At many BSM sporting events, renditions of crowd favorite songs like “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond or “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea can be heard being played by none other than the BSM Pep Band.

Many people have little to no idea what it means to be a part of the Pep Band. Pep Band is an extension of the BSM band. While it is like many other classes, requirements of the class include playing at major sporting events like football, basketball, and hockey games. They also play at the Christmas mass and have concerts. “If you are a part of the normal band, you also have to be a part of the Pep Band,” said sophomore Gus Pirkl.

While it takes a lot of hard work to perfect the many songs the band plays at the various events, many of the players find it to be a relaxed alternative to the BSM band program. The band is able to perform current songs that they enjoy playing rather than songs that they have never heard of before. The purpose of the band is to get the crowd hyped up during games and to keep the energy level high. If the crowd is pumped up, it can make all the difference during an intense game. “It is more chill than regular band, and we get to play fun songs,” said sophomore Matthew Sauer. 

While many of the students do not stick with Pep Band all four years of high school, the students believe that it is worth it to take at least a semester of it. “Taking band is different than taking other classes because it it is an experience and it is useful if you want to continue to play an instrument,” said sophomore Gary Antonio. While Antonio is not in the Pep Band anymore, he will always remember playing for the school at the Christmas mass and learning to play many new instruments.

Along with learning to play new instruments, all Pep Band members can agree that the best part about being in band is getting free pizza after each sporting event they play at. “What most people don’t know about the BSM Pep Band is that after each game we play songs on our way back to the band room. It is a fun way to wrap up each night,” said Sauer.

All of the fun and pep comes with a lot of hard work and practice, so next time you are at a basketball or hockey game take a moment to recognize the talent that comes from the BSM Pep Band.