Students take sides in classic Vikings v. Packers rivalry


Ginny Lyons

The rivalry of Packers vs. Vikings is one as old as the league itself, sparking heated debates throughout the BSM community.

Riley Miller, Staff Writer

Sports debates flood the hallways at Benilde-St. Margaret’s everyday, but no debate is more divisive than the decades long rivalry of the Minnesota Vikings versus the Green Bay Packers. With the Vikings home stadium a short 15 minutes from BSM, BSM is a prime spot for loyalty to purple and gold. However, one can always find just as many die hard Packers fans within the school community.

BSM senior Riley Burns-Goetzmann has been a Packers fan for many years. “I always have been [a fan] since I started watching football. They were one of the first teams I saw and I just got engrossed in their games,” Burns-Goetzmann, who is known for is daily debates and the pride he takes in his Packers knowledge, said.

On the other hand, senior Sam Zimmerman is known for his Vikings fandom. “[I’ve] been a Vikes fan since ‘00,” Zimmerman, who is semi-famous for his Vikings talks and purple and gold attire, said. 

Recently, the rivalry has been an all time high with the Anthony Barr hit on Aaron Rodgers, which sent the Packers season to a halt. Many Green Bay fans say Barr was targeting Rodgers and could have held back but Vikings fans see it differently. “He left the pocket, therefore any hit under the helmet should be allowed,” Zimmerman said.

“The hit on Rodgers was intentional because Barr clearly did not need to hit him to disrupt the play. Rodgers had already thrown the ball,” Burns-Goetzmann.

Whether the hit was dirty or clean, both sides can agree these two franchises have top tier stadiums. Lambeau Field is known for its rich history and brutal winter playing conditions, which help the Packers each November and December. Whereas the Vikings play in the newly built US Bank Stadium which is known for its abstract shape as well as being one of the loudest in the National Football League. “Lambeau is the better stadium because of its legacy, but US Bank is better architecturally,” Burns-Goetzmann said.

Aside from the many arguments regarding the rivalry including Brett Favre, both sides can agree that this rivalry is not only big locally, but is also considered on the of the great sports rivalries. “I would confidently put this rivalry as one of the greatest sports rivalries around,” Burns-Goetzmann said.  

Recently the Vikings are starting to turn the tables with the expected brighter future, but the Packers have had the most success with four Super Bowl championships. The Vikings are the frontrunners for the NFC North Division and many, including Zimmerman, have Super Bowl expectations and for the Vikings to play on their home turf for the first time in NFL history in a Super Bowl. “Packers fans out there, this is our division, and the Vikings will win the Super Bowl this year. I’m calling it,” Zimmerman said.