How I deal with Packers fans

Connor Reis

Walking away from a friend’s house with, a warm feeling began filling up inside me about the Green Bay Packers. Those Packers are just great, and I don’t really care for the Vikings anymore. Wait, what?

I’ve been friends with this guy for a while, maybe three years or so. There isn’t anything really too interesting about our relationship except for one subject that we are constantly debating about: Vikings vs. Packers.

Keep in mind, I’m willing to discuss just about anything that I have an opinion about with him, whether those things are movies, music, video games, or stupid YouTube videos. We’ve spent over an hour discussing nothing but the movie “Reservoir Dogs.” Nothing productive ever really comes out of these conversations, we just enjoy talking about that stuff.

The only thing I refuse to bring up anymore is the Packers-Vikings debate. There is literally no way I’ll ever be able to win. I’ve never been too into football, but debating with him (or anyone in his family, for that matter) about this is like fighting the entire Green Bay Packer fan base.

I’m serious, he knows everything there is to know about Packer football. Taking the bus to the State Fair went from being a casual $5 trip standing next to a middle-aged man who apparently doesn’t own a toothbrush to the most stressful bus ride of my life. The reason? “Wow, Vikings, 50 Years of Greatness?” Here we go…

After making his ritualistic Superbowl speech (which I swear, he must practice,) he started with stats. “Did you know that Donald Driver has received for over 1,000 yards for the last six years in a row?” Nope. “He’s one of the most underrated wide receivers I’ve seen in a while.” Fantastic.

What did I have to say to rebuke this? Sure, the Vikings have made it to four Superbowls, but we lost all of them. Care to take a guess who told me that? Don’t worry, I checked online just to make sure. Like I said, he knows everything there is to know about Packer football, which also involves knowing negative things about the Vikings.

The main reason that I don’t want to throw the guy out of a window during an argument is his view on Brett Favre. People wearing shirts that say ‘We’ll never forget you, Brent’ or ‘Judas’ as the name on the back make him sick.

“He’s not a traitor; I’m not stupid. He brought us a Superbowl victory in ‘96,” he says. Of course I didn’t know that, but whatever. Hey, it’s just a football team rivalry… right?