Grand Knight Coronation kicks off the Holiday Ball season

Van Hove celebrates his new title of Grand Knight.

Noah Bridges, Staff Writer

Every year, BSM celebrates Holiday Ball, and to kick it off, they start with the Grand Knight Coronation. January 12, BSM students gathered in the Great Hall to support and celebrate some of the seniors. They voted on the boys they thought were the best representatives of their class and good candidates for the position of Grand Knight.

All the contestants danced down the runway, with their dates, to their favorite hit songs. Each couple was introduced by the MC’s: seniors, Tommy Anderson and Sammy Deterding. The nominees and their dates were Clyde Sellke and Natalie Kroll, Gabe Alada and Abby O’Neil, Dustin Dallman and Anna Carr, Michael Hunter and Sophie Herrmann, Patrick Van Hove and Mariah Luksan, and Henry Bransford and Erin Lerch.

After lots of deliberation, themed to the jeopardy music, senior Patrick Van Hove was named BSM’s 2018 Grand Knight. After receiving this title, Van Hove was thrilled. “It feels great you know, and there’s one person or animal I’d really like to thank for this: my dog Mally- she’s really motivated me to be a stud,” Van Hove said.