RKVC volunteers at Creative Con

Members of RKVC volunteer at the Science Museum of Minnesota’s annual event, Creative Con.


courtesy of Ms. Becca Meagher

The RKVC students volunteered at Creative Con at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Estelle Beutz, Staff Writer

Service? Trip to the Science Museum? Day off from school? Students can experience this trifecta of activities combined during the annual RKVC trip to Creative Con. This past November 14, a group of 25 Red Knights loaded into buses heading for the Science Museum of Minnesota located in St. Paul.

The largest club at BSM, Red Knight Volunteer Corp (RKVC) has participated in this service event for many years. The advisors of RKVC, Ms. Becca Meagher and Ms. Lisa Lenhart-Murphy helped organize this year’s trip. “[BSM has been participating for] close to 20 years. It used to be called Creativity Fest. Ms. [Kathy] Jacobson’s sister Julie was one of the organizers and reached out to us,” Meagher said.

My favorite part about Creative Con was seeing how excited the kids were when they saw something cool.”

— Michael Miller

Many students were excited to sign up for this event because it’s a day long field trip and counts for many service hours. “I wanted to go to Creative Con because it counts for two events in RKVC. I wanted to serve at a cool place because I have always been interested in science, and it allowed for a lot of service hours,” junior Michael Miller said.

Volunteers did a variety of different activities and jobs at Creative Con: they help the hundreds of 5th-8th grade kids from schools around the metro by assisting with check-in, monitoring lunch, guiding students through the hallways, providing help to classroom presenters, and also creating a safe environment for the kids. “Volunteers essentially act as guides to help middle school aged kids find their way through the museum to the different seminars or classes they are going to attend,” Meagher said.

The elementary students can experience hands-on classes taught by engineers and scientists. At Creative Con, BSM students can be role-models for the kids and allow them to have the opportunity to celebrate their creative talents and be curious. “My favorite part about Creative Con was seeing how excited the kids were when they saw something cool,” Miller said.