Emily Clear doesn’t interrupt anyone


Lauren Beh

Clear tries to listen to others, rather than talking herself.

Emily Clear, Staff Writer

For this story, I have experienced life from a different point of view; I experienced life as an introvert. Before I did this, I thought that an introvert was a shy, reticent person, but I learned that introverts are so much more; they just need time by themselves to recharge and regather themselves and their thoughts.

As an extrovert, I love to talk and be around people all the time. Extroverts, by definition, is an outgoing, overly expressive person. Not only are extroverts outgoing, but they also thrive when they’re around people. An extrovert recharges when they are expressing themselves.

When I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried to hold back on my desire to always be talking, the task of acting like an introvert was hard for me. Normally, I jump into people’s conversations, and I am always talking someone’s ear off. For example, once in English class when we were supposed to be correcting essays, I did not finish correcting my partner’s essay because I was talking more than I was revising.

This experience has helped me to better differentiate the time to talk and the time to listen, and has shown me that when people are talking to you they might just be saying something really important. Upon completing my task, I decided that I am not as much of an extrovert as I thought; every once in awhile I will stay in and watch TV, take a nap, or just spend some quality time alone. Being in the middle of everything is great, but every now and again everyone needs time alone to recharge and reboot.