Students take senior photos through Photography Club

Students who are in the BSM Photography Club are taking other’s senior photos as a service learning project.


Courtesy of Anna Keller

Tia Sposito takes senior pictures for other students at BSM.

Breah Banks, Staff Writer

As students look for inexpensive ways to get senior photos, the BSM Photography Club is doing a service learning project to help students get the best photos at no cost.

The learning project first started last year. Photography teacher Kelli Rahn noticed over the last few years that more and more students were choosing to have other students take their pictures.  Rahn saw an opportunity to put service learning into her classroom.“The program is to create a connection for senior families and advanced photography students,” Rahn said.

In taking these senior pictures, the photography students use the skills they have learned in class. Senior Tia Sposito decided to join the group as a way of practicing her photography. “For me it was more of getting better at photography,” Sposito said.

Junior Henry Bradsford decided to use one of the student photographers for his senior graduation pictures. “I think that other professional photographers are too expensive and this is a much cheaper option,” Bradsford said.

The poses for the pictures can be chosen by the students or recommended by the photographers. “I usually scroll through Instagram or look at past senior photos and what they’ve done, but also whatever’s natural for them,” Sposito said.

I usually scroll through Instagram or look at past senior photos and what they’ve done, but also whatever’s natural for them.”

— Tia Sposito

For Sposito, when taking a student’s photos, she often looks for unique and different places. “ I like when I find places that don’t look like the average area,” Sposito said.

These photos are free and open to all students at BSM. “Student pictures are expensive, so offering up this opportunity gets students together. There’s not a lot of cost: it’s the students’ time taking the picture and editing their pictures,” Rahn said.

After the session, the photographers work with the students individually; the photographers will provide the seniors with the edited digital files that they can print if they choose. They will also print out a few copies at the student’s request. “Most of them are just student digital prints, nowadays students don’t tend to print out wallets as they used to,” Rahn said.