Boys State


Photo used with permission from the American Legion

Students were sworn in at Boys State to serve their communities as members of the mock-government program.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s sent seniors Gabe Bauer, Henry Bird, Ian Black, Mikey Pupel, and Noah Swindlehurst to Boys State. These students acted in a similar fashion as their female counterparts as they too played instrumental roles in the functioning of their government. Pupel alone earned the positions of city mayor, county treasurer, and even state secretary of transportation. These jobs weren’t just handed to him either; “I had to hang up posters and be in good standing with most people [at Boys State], so it wasn’t too difficult but it took a lot of effort,” Pupel said. The rest of the men achieved positions such as city clerk, state senator, county attorney, and senate sergeant of arms.

While at Boys State, the students learned a lot about government, and had a desire inspired to enter into real politics later in life. “I’m mostly interested in national politics, but I think it was good that I got involved with local politics as well,” Swindlehurst said. The others agreed, citing their new knowledge of political process and local government as key aspects in preparing them to possibly enter later into the political field.