BSM senior wins Caring Youth Award


Maddie Kurtovich

Senior Ben Scherer earned the Caring Youth Award, which is given to students in St. Louis Park that exhibit character and service work. Senior high theology teacher Ms. Michelle LeBlanc recommended Scherer for the award and he was recognized in a ceremony.

Jordan Sims, Staff Writer

Every year, within the St. Louis Park community, Caring Youth Awards are given to a select group of youth who have demonstrated good character and maintained a strong interest in volunteering and service work. These youth are recognized in the classroom by their teachers for their positive values and attitudes as well as through service organizations that they volunteer for. This past week senior Ben Scherer was one of the recipients of the Caring Youth Award.

A ceremony was held last week to honor the teenagers who received this award along with their family and the peers who nominated the recipients. “I went to SLP high school and a ceremony was held [there], I had to go up on the stage with Ms. LeBlanc, and she spoke on my behalf along with another man on the committee board who read my profile, and I received a certificate,” Scherer said.

Scherer attributes his accomplishments to the his service through volunteering as well as the faculty that he has worked with at BSM. “I believe the teachers who I have built strong relationships with at BSM, along with the organizations I have partnered with in my service work, have helped shape my character and accomplishments,” Scherer said.